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Rewards for Wellness 2017-2018 Program Calendar

Fall 2017 - Health Fair Schedule

See Health Fair Flyer HERE!

See Wellness Activities Flyer HERE!

See Health Fairs Online Registration Instructions HERE!

2017-2018 Rewards for Wellness Program

The activities for the 2017-2018 Rewards for Wellness Program include the following:

  • Benefits 101 Podcast ($50)
  • myHealthcare Cost Estimator ($50)
  • Rally Health Survey ($50)
  • One Rally Mission ($50)
  • Obtain a Blood Pressure screening of less than 140/90 or consult with your physician and put a treatment plan in place ($50)
  • Obtain a Total Cholesterol screening ($25)
  • Obtain a non-fasting Glucose screening ($25)
  • Obtain a Body Mass Index (BMI) screening ($25)
  • Obtain an Annual Preventive Exam ($100)

To participate in the Rewards for Wellness activities please follow these instructions:

Log into the online viewing application by using your UnitedHealthcare member ID number (from your UHC card) and your first and last initials (all caps, no space). Click on the individual links to view the podcasts and be sure to complete the quizzes after the podcasts finish in order to earn your co-share credits.

For the myHealthcare Cost Estimator and the RALLY activities, please log into www.myuhc.com. You can find more detailed instructions for accessing these activities on www.wellness.ri.gov

In the coming weeks you will see additional communications from the Office of Employee Benefits about the 2017-2018 Rewards for Wellness program. There will be emails, PayStubRI notifications, updates on www.employeebenefits.ri.gov website, and a program brochure mailed directly to your home. Please keep an eye out!

We encourage you to take part in the Rewards for Wellness program, as it provides you with educational resources to learn about your health and to become an informed healthcare consumer, as well as activities to help you make changes for a healthier future. All State of Rhode Island employees are eligible to participate in the Rewards for Wellness programs and screenings*, so we hope you will engage with us and tell your co-workers and friends to participate as well.

*All State of Rhode Island employees are eligible to participate in Rewards for Wellness programs and screenings, but only employees who are paying co-shares based on the Rhode Island State Employee Health Plan rates that are posted at www.employeebenefits.ri.gov are eligible to earn co-share credit incentives.

RALLY: Complete a 4-week Rally Mission between July 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017 and earn a $50 Co-share credit! Rally Missions are individual action plans, suggested based on your Rally Health Survey responses.

Missions encompass 4 categories: "Move", "Eat", "Feel" and "Care". Choose a mission that is meaningful for you and will help you reach your health goals!

  • See Wellness Activities flyer HERE!

Note: Since missions will take 4 weeks to complete, be sure to sign up for a mission no later than December 1, 2017.

UnitedHealthcare will track your participation in the activity; however you can print your Rally Missions page once you have completed a mission for verification. For more information visit www.wellness.ri.gov.

To learn more, please watch the Mission Details Video and explore the resources below.

You have until December 31, 2017 to complete the Rally Online Health Survey. This activity utilizes the exciting RALLY platform offered by UnitedHealthcare through www.myuhc.com. If you have not already registered to use www.myuhc.com, please do so today. To complete the Rally Online Health Survey follow the steps below:

  1. Visit www.myuhc.com, log in and click the Rally Health Survey tab on the right hand side.
  2. If you have not already, Register on RALLY (instructions link below).
  3. Complete the RALLY Health Survey.

You will know you have completed the RALLY Health Survey when you are given your “RALLY Age.” You can also check your Health Profile, which shows your health survey results, by clicking your avatar on the top navigation bar, on the Rally website. UnitedHealthcare is tracking your participation so you do not have to fax anything or do anything else to receive credit.

Complete the RALLY Health Survey before December 31, 2017 to qualify for a $50 co-share credit incentive!*

To reach out to RALLY activities: Please log into www.myuhc.com. Follow the Health and Wellness tab in order to access RALLY , then log in to Rally. Once you are in, you can click your avatar/picture located at the top right hand side on the screen. You completed this activity when you see your RALLY age. Please remember, you need to retake the RALLY Health Survey in order to be eligible to obtain a co-share incentive for the activity.

To reach out to myHealthCost Estimator activity: Please log into www.myuhc.com then go to the Coverages and Benefits tab/see an icon with people under the umbrella and look at the below choices on the right hand side where you will see the myHealthCost Estimator activity.

August is the Immunizations Month

August is the Immunizations Month. Looking for educational information related to immunizations? If so, check out the following UnitedHealthcare resources:

The United at Work Podcast of the Month of August is on Understanding Preventive Care. The Understanding Preventive Care podcast focuses on preventing disease and detecting health issues at an early stage.

Please remember that you can sign up for the Healthy Mind Healthy Body monthly newsletter. New members can register on myuhc.com to begin getting the newsletter. Members that have already registered on myuhc.com can log into their account and update their Subscriptions in the Account Settings section. All Readers are welcome. If you do not have UnitedHealthcare insurance, please go to www.uhc.com/myhealthnews and select "non-member".