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Rewards for Wellness 2016-2017 Program Calendar

2016-2017 Rewards for Wellness Program

Activity 7: Complete a 4-week Rally Mission

Complete a 4-week Rally Mission between January 1, 2017 and March 15, 2017 and earn a $50 Co-share credit! Rally Missions are individual action plans, suggested based on your Rally Health Survey responses.

Missions encompass 4 categories: "Move", "Eat", "Feel" and "Care". Choose a mission that is meaningful for you and will help you reach your health goals!

What to do:

  • Step 1: Log into www.myuhc.com and access Rally (if you have not registered on Rally yet, you will have to do so for this activity. Registration instructions are available at www.wellness.ri.gov).
  • Step 2: Select the MISSIONS tab at the top of any page in Rally.
  • Step 3: Browse all the missions and join the 4-week mission of your choice. You must join a NEW mission on January 1 or later for this activity. You cannot carry over missions from prior to January 1 as it is outside the time of offer.
  • Step 4: Successfully complete your 4-week mission.

Note: Since missions will take 4 weeks to complete, be sure to sign up for a mission no later than February 13, 2017.

UnitedHealthcare will track your participation in the activity; however you can print your Rally Missions page once you have completed a mission for verification. For more information visit www.wellness.ri.gov.

To learn more, please watch the Mission Details Video and explore the resources below.

You have until December 31st to complete the Rally Online Health Survey. This activity utilizes the exciting RALLY platform offered by UnitedHealthcare through www.myuhc.com. If you have not already registered to use www.myuhc.com, please do so today. To complete the Rally Online Health Survey follow the steps below:

  1. Visit www.myuhc.com, log in and click the Rally Health Survey tab on the right hand side.
  2. If you have not already, Register on RALLY (instructions link below).
  3. Complete the RALLY Health Survey.

You will know you have completed the RALLY Health Survey when you are given your “RALLY Age.” You can also check your Health Profile, which shows your health survey results, by clicking your avatar on the top navigation bar, on the Rally website. UnitedHealthcare is tracking your participation so you do not have to fax anything or do anything else to receive credit.

Complete the RALLY Health Survey before December 31, 2016 to qualify for a $50 co-share credit incentive!*

Blood Pressure and Body Mass Index Screenings

Didn’t attend a Health Fair or meet the screening targets?

That’s OK, you still have time!

If you did not already obtain a Body Mass Index (BMI) or a Blood Pressure screening at the Health Fairs, get your screenings done at your physician’s office and submit signed BMI and Blood Pressure Screenings and Co-Share Incentive forms to UnitedHealthcare.

If you obtain your BMI or blood pressure screenings at your physician’s office, the screenings must occur during the time of offer (September 1, 2016 – March 31, 2017 for BMI; September 1, 2016 – January 31, 2017 for blood pressure) in order to receive the co-share credits.

Please click here http://www.wellness.ri.gov/rfw2016-2017/ for the Physician Blood Pressure Screening Form, the BMI Screening and Co-Share Incentive Form, and for additional program details.

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. According to the CDC, cervical cancer is highly preventable in most Western countries because screening tests and a vaccine to prevent human papillomavirus (HPV) infections are available. When cervical cancer is found early, it is highly treatable and associated with long survival and good quality of life.

Looking for educational information related to cervical cancer? If so, check out the following UnitedHealthcare resources:

Healthy Mind Healthy Body:
UnitedHealthcare's Healthy Mind Healthy Body: member newsletter is available for January. Each month, Healthy Mind Healthy Body comes to your email filled with tips and strategies you and your family can really use. The plain language approach and at-a-glance layout make it easy to get right to the information you want.

Below is a sampling of what you’ll find in this month’s issue:

  • Top 10 weight control tips
  • Football fans: 5 great recipes for the big game
  • What everyone should know about HPV and cancer
  • Don't go viral: 8 ways to fight colds and flu

Go to uhc.com/myhealthnews to sign up now.

Podcast series:
This month’s podcast series, Aging Well podcast, reviews common problems in addition to changes typically associated with the aging process. Also provided are tips to minimize the effects of aging.

Empower Hour Online Seminar:
Join us for this seminar to learn about healthy habits, tips and tricks that can result in real weight loss and find the best diet to suit your lifestyle. Popular diet plans will be reviewed along with helpful recommendations for weight loss plans that can meet health goals, leave you feeling energized and go the distance to help keep pounds off permanently.

  • Get Fit Without Fads Seminar
  • Tuesday, January 10, 2017, 12:30 p.m. ET, 11:30 a.m. CT
    Presented by, Kathleen Zelman, RD, MPH,
    brought to you by UnitedHealthcare