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Rewards for Wellness 2015-2016 Program Calendar

"5-week Online Nutrition Tracker"

The "5-week Online Nutrition Tracker" activity is about to begin! 

It's time to kick start healthier eating habits and earn 

$50 co-share credit!!!*

During the Rewards for Wellness, "5-week Online Nutrition Tracker" activity, you will use MyPlate (www.ChooseMyPlate.gov) as a reference and keep track of what you eat at each meal.


To participate in the activity, please visit this website and follow the instructions:


*All State of Rhode Island employees are eligible to participate in Rewards for Wellness programs and screenings, but only employees who are paying the State employee medical co-shares that are posted at www.employeebenefits.ri.gov are eligible to receive incentives for co-share credit.


"February is Heart Health Month"

Managing blood pressure is a key component of overall heart health. According to the American Heart Association, of all people with high blood pressure, over 20 percent are unaware of their condition.

The American Heart Association outlines eight main ways to control blood pressure: 

Eat a better diet, which may include reducing salt
Enjoy regular physical activity
Maintain a healthy weight
Manage stress
Avoid tobacco smoke
Comply with medication prescriptions
If you drink, limit alcohol
Understand hot tub safety

National Wear Red Day: February 5

The American Heart Association's annual National Wear Red Day is scheduled for Friday, February 5!  

This event helps raise awareness of heart disease and stroke in women.

Click here


Podcast series:

This month please promote the Healthy Heart podcast which includes an overview of the functions of the heart, risk factors for developing heart disease, and warning signs of a heart attack. Also highlighted are key components of a healthy lifestyle which may help prevent heart disease.

Please click on the link to the February issue of Wellness Online:

http://www.indigo-360.com/uhcweb/html/wellness_online_univ_feb2016  -

To register for the upcoming Source4Women seminar, visit www.source4women.com and click on "Online Seminars & Events."