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Rewards for Wellness 2017-2018 Program Brochure

Rewards for Wellness 2017-2018 Program Calendar

Fall 2017—Health Fair Schedule
(Registration instructions HERE)

2017-2018 Rewards for Wellness Program

Visit the Rewards for Wellness page to learn more about how you can earn up to $500 in co-share credits if you complete the following activities by December 31, 2017.

  • Benefits 101 Podcast ($50)
  • myHealthcare Cost Estimator ($50)
  • Rally Health Survey ($50)
  • One Rally Mission ($50)
  • Obtain a Blood Pressure screening of less than 140/90 or consult with your physician and put a treatment plan in place ($50)
  • Obtain a Total Cholesterol screening ($25)
    • Total Cholesterol of less than 200 or watch the Heart Healthy Podcast ($25)
  • Obtain a non-fasting Glucose screening ($25)
    • Non-fasting Glucose of less than 200 or watch the Understanding Diabetes Podcast ($25)
  • Obtain a Body Mass Index (BMI) screening ($25)
    • BMI of less than 30 or watch the Mindful Eating Podcast ($25)
  • Obtain an Annual Preventive Exam ($100)

We encourage you to take part in the program, as it provides you with educational resources to learn about your health and to become an informed healthcare consumer, as well as activities to help you make changes for a healthier future. Please participate, and tell your co-workers and friends to participate as well!

September is Cholesterol Awareness Month

Looking for educational information related to cholesterol awareness? If so, check out the following UnitedHealthcare resources:

Healthy Mind Healthy Body
UnitedHealthcare’s Healthy Mind Healthy Body member newsletter is available for September. Don't forget that members can sign up for the Healthy Mind Healthy Body monthly newsletter. New members can register on www.myuhc.com to begin getting the newsletter. Members that have already registered on myuhc.com can log into their account and update their Subscriptions in the Account Settings section. If you do not have medical coverage, you can still sign up by visiting www.uhc.com/myhealthnews and select "non-member".

Podcast series
This month's podcast is Stretch4Health. The Stretch4Health podcast teaches the benefits of stretching as well as the techniques for stretching properly. View the flyer for more information about this podcast.

More resources and articles are available at www.liveandworkwell.com. Access code: rhodeisland.