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Rewards for Wellness 2015-2016 Program Calendar

Rewards for Wellness First Activity: myHealthcare Cost Estimator (myHCE)

 "myHealthcare Cost Estimator (myHCE)"

 Rewards for Wellness 2015-2016 First Activity 

UnitedHealthcare's myHealthcare Cost Estimator (myHCE) is changing the way you access personalized information, for the better. Using your benefit information, myHCE shows you the estimated cost for a treatment or procedure, and how that cost is impacted by your deductible, co-insurance and out-of-pocket maximumThis means that you will get an estimate of what you will be responsible for paying out of your pocket, providing you with useful information for planning and budgeting. 

Even better, you have an opportunity to earn a $50 incentive when you complete the online myHCE activity between October 1, 2015 and October 31, 2015.  There are TWO steps that need to be completed in order to receive your incentive. FIRST, go to the website, provided in the link below, and watch a short video on UnitedHealthcare's myHealthcare Cost Estimator.  NEXT, complete an estimate using myHealthcare Cost Estimator

How to earn your $50 Rewards for Wellness Incentive:

1.       Click on this link to bring you to the myHealthcare Cost Estimator page.


2.       Next, on the right hand side of screen, click on Watch a video on myHealthcare Cost Estimator, to view the short video.

3.       After you have watched the video, log onto www.myuhc.com (instructions for logging onto myuhc.com are available on www.wellness.ri.gov) and complete an estimate.  The steps on how to complete an estimate are listed below.

Steps to complete an estimate on myHealthcare Cost Estimator:

Step 1: Visit myuhc.com - If you have not registered for myuhc.com, you will need your health plan ID card or Social Security number to get started. Once you are logged in, click Estimate Health Care Costs on the right side of the page.

Step 2: Search for a condition or treatment - Once you have entered your ZIP code, you can search by treatment or condition. Try phrases like backache, X-ray, eyes itch, etc. Then hit the search button.

Step 3: Get a quick estimate - You will be taken to a page with a quick estimate, based on real average market costs in the search area. If you want to customize the estimate for a specific doctor or facility, click on: Continue.

Step 4: Select a provider and/or facility - If you do not already have a doctor in mind, myHCE can help you find one. This page shows you estimates for specific doctors and facilities offering services for your search. You will be able to compare doctors based on their estimated cost, see quality ratings and which one is nearest to you.

Step 5: Get your final estimate - When you are done, you can see your Final Estimate Great Work! ), which includes estimated costs from the doctor or facility you have chosen, along with up-to-date out-of-pocket estimated costs and deductibles based on your benefits and current level of coverage. UnitedHealthcare will be maintaining a list of completions. You don't need to fax or send any proof of completionbut you should print a copy of your estimate for your records and proof of completion.

Be in the know -  myHealthcare Cost Estimator makes health care more accessible and transparent, so you can make more informed health care choices. This is a tool that is available for use at any time to UnitedHealthcare members, log onto www.myuhc.com at any time to create an estimate for you or your family!


"October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month"

Living healthy is an important way to prevent breast caner. But you're still at risk even if you do all the right things. That's why early detection is so important. When cancer is found and treated early, you have a better chance of healing. 

According to the CDC, many factors can influence breast cancer risk. However, the following can help lower risk: 

                            1. Keeping a healthy weigh

                            2. Exercising regularly (at least four hours a week

                            3. Getting enough sleep

                            4. Not drinking alcohol, or limiting alcoholic drinks to no more than one per day

Looking for educational information to promote breast cancer awareness? Click here to view the UnitedHealthcare Breast Cancer Awareness Portal and to find related newsletters, articles, and videos.

              Please click on the link to the October issue of Wellness Online: http://www.indigo-360.com/uhcweb/html/wellness_online_univ_oct2015.html

 Also, within the issue, be sure to click on the interactive link with Dr. Oz. - Dental Hygiene and Care. Attached is the flyer to promote the October Source4Women seminar.

Learning from Losers:   

Secrets for Long-Term Successful Weight Control

Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD

October 13, 2015 12:30 p.m. ET, 11:30 a.m. CT, 10:30 a.m. MT, 9:30 a.m. PT