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Toolbox of Wellness Resources

This is your personal toolbox to help create a healthier lifestyle. Under each heading there are links to dynamic and interactive websites related to a specific topic to help further your healthy lifestyle. Please use these links to your advantage to improve your health and wellness!


Try this Exercise Awareness Quiz!

Physical Activity Guidelines
7 Tips to Staying Motivated
Should I consult with my doctor before exercising?
State of Rhode Island Employee UHC Gym Discounts

Ten Easy Ways to Exercise

  1. Take the stairs.
  2. Go on a hike.
  3. Enroll in a dance class.
  4. Play with your kids.
  5. Replace your computer chair with an exercise ball.
  6. Ride your bike or walk instead of driving.
  7. Do yard work.
  8. Work out while watching TV.
  9. Park your car as far away as possible from your destination.
  10. Get off the bus a stop early and walk.



Are you restaurant savvy? Try this quiz and see!

CDC's Eat More, Weight Less? How to Manage Your Weight Without Being Hungry
CDC's How to Use Fruits and Vegetable to Manage Your Weight
CDC's Rethink Your Drink

CDC's How to Avoid Portion Size Pitfalls to Help Manage Your Weight
Click here to see how portion sizes have changed in the past 20 years
Keep an Eye on Portion Size

Nutrition and Health Related Topics
Nutrition Resources for Parents and Interactive Tools for Kids

Facts About Healthy Weight
Aim For a Healthy Weight
Maintaining a Healthy Weight On the Go

Create and track your diet
Track your caloric intake
Make your own diet here
…or here
How many calories do you need a day?
BMI Calculator


Healthy Living                                                  

UnitedHealthcare “Wellness Online” Monthly Newsletter

www.liveandworkwell.com - United Behavioral Health resources

Lean how to make physical activity a part of your day, eat more healthy foods, protect yourself
and your family from illness, and avoid risks to your health and the health of your loved ones.

Healthfinder.gov - Your Guide to Reliable Health Information sponsored by the
Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion


Diabetes Risk test
Diabetes information
National Institute of Health: Diabetes Information
National Diabetes Education Program

Heart Healthy

Test your High Blood Pressure IQ with this Quiz
Healthy Heart Quiz
Healthy Heart Information
28 Days to a Healthier Heart
Know the Facts about High Blood Pressure


Senior Health                                                    

Health and Wellness information for older adults from the National Institute of Health


Women's Health                                               

Women's Health Information
Breast Self Examinations
Source4Women Seminars - Free online seminars and events focused on keeping women and their families healthy.


Tick Encounter Resource                                 

Tick Encounter Resource Center - Tick Forecasts & Guidance, Tick-Bite Prevention Strategies,
Personalized Lyme Disease Risk Assessment


Stress Management Resources                       

Employee Assistance Program

Ten Tips to Beat Stress

  1. Do not put yourself in stressful situations.
  2. Divide work into manageable pieces.
  3. Exercise.
  4. Find a hobby.
  5. Get a good night’s sleep.
  6. Eat healthy.
  7. Identify stressors and learn how to deal with them.
  8. Breathe.
  9. Take breaks.
  10. Set realistic goals.


Smoking and Cessation                                    

Stay Away From Tobacco (American Cancer Society)
Tips to Help you Quit Smoking
Freedom From Smoking Program
Resources for Individuals
Tobacco Cessation Resources