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Weight Loss Programs

Weight Watchers: "Beyond the Scale"

Weight Watchers Beyond the Scale program is the biggest change in 50 years and delivers the most holistic and personal approach. Beyond the Scale inspires and guides healthier choices to help you not only lose weight but also realize benefits that go beyond just the number on the scale. The program brings together:

  • New SmartPoints based on the latest nutritional science to make healthy eating simple.
  • Fitness that fits your life, and gives you more stamina and energy.
  • The tools and skills to tune in and unlock the inner strength to make healthy living easier.

Weight Watchers is coming to our campus!

Free Information Session on Tuesday, May 9th from 11:45AM-12:15PM in DOA Conference Room B.

At this session, Lisa Antonucci will introduce herself, present an overview of the BEYOND THE SCALE program, and encourage everyone to fill out registration forms and provide payment. Please note that each employees’ share of their payment is due at the Information Registration Session. There is no weigh-in at this session.

Series offer:

  • 12-week session for $156 per person with 15 or more participants.
  • All members will receive free eTools vouchers, our online program companion.
  • Weight Watchers has also extended their offer period for anyone who signs up at the registration session on 5/9 to be eligible to receive a free starter kit (worth $70). See attached flyers for more information.

Payment Due: $156 per member

Payment Method: Members can pay with cash, a check, or a credit or debit card. They can also take advantage of a three-check split payment method. With this form of payment they provide three upfront checks for $52 each. One $52 check will be deposited at week one, the second $52 check will be deposited at week five and the last $52 check will be deposited on week nine.

As long as 15 or more payments are collected that day, the Week 1 meeting will be held the following week on 5/16. If 15 or more payments are not collected that day, you can continue to secure payments from members and we will start as soon as the minimum is met. Meetings will be held at DOA every Tuesday from 11:45am-12:30pm.

Already a Monthly Pass or Online member? If you are a current WW member, the membership can be easily transferred. Simply call 866-204-2885 and tell the operator that you are joining an At Work Meeting Series. The member will need to pre-pay for the series and get eTools voucher prior to calling.

Please see the attached flyers for contact and more information on:

Direct contact: Gina Deluca, Worksite Wellness Coordinator, Division of Community Health and Equity, RI Department of Health
(tel) 401-222-7468
(fax) 401-222-4415

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